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Welcome to Biddle Bits! My name is Sarah & I believe that *anyone* can create amazing things, if you just work on them one step at a time.
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DIY snow candles
DIY snow candles
plastic spoon flowers
Plastic Spoon Flower
how to hem your jeans like a pro
Hem your own jeans
DIY polka dot flower pots
polka dot pots
Fall table setting idea
Fall table setting
halloween shortbread cookies
Halloween shortbread cookies
spray painting light fixtures
Spray paint fixtures
Painting vinyl shutters
Fondant cupcake toppers
Homemade Peanut Butter
Greeting Card Art
Greeting card art
Recruitment Gift
A cute “thank you” for Recruit-MINT!
ceiling medallion
Ceiling Medallion Wreath
Clay Christmas ornaments
wooden monogram
Wooden Monogram
DIY kitchen drawer dividers
DIY drawer dividers
homemade  laundry detergent
Homemade Laundry Detergent
lemon cake cookies
Lemon cake cookies
cutting glass with fingernail polish remover
Cutting glass with polish remover
painting picture frames
Painting picture frames
recipe for fruit pizza
Fruit Pizza recipe
DIY camera strap cover
DIY camera strap cover

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