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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to hem your jeans like a pro!


While perusing Pinterest last night, I came across a blogger who explains how to hem jeans, keeping the original "edge" of the hem in-tact. Apparently, the same way that alternations to denim are done at Buckle. I was skeptical, but excited to try.

Now, I'm pretty tall, (5'10") so finding jeans that are long *enough* is the usual problem. However, I have one pair of GAP boot cut jeans that are freakishly long...and considering I'm not really a stiletto-heel-wearing-type-of-gal, I figured they were the perfect pair for this little experiment!

First of all, I am AMAZED at how great they look...you honestly can't tell where I hemmed them!! Can you see the line?? Nope? Me neither...

Check out the tutorial here - I followed her directions to a "T", except for these edits:

  • I didn't cut off the excess in the hem (yet...I want to wash them a few times to see if the length shrinks up at all...Nothing's worse than a "flood's coming!" pair of jeans! well...there are worse things, but you get what I'm sayin'...)
  • Once I turned the newly hemmed pants right-side out, I ironed the bottoms of the jeans. Just above the new, barely visible sewing line, I sewed a straight topstitch (the same color as the denim) all the way around the jean's leg. This will keep the bottom of the jeans from rolling up. The color should match so perfectly, you won't be able to see this topstitch...not even up CLOSE!

    Try it and let me know what you think!!!

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