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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to personalize a cupcake carrier with vinyl

I found some tupperware-like cupcake carriers at our local Aldi a few months ago for a DEAL of a price, and thought the lime green handle was especially cute. It had potential for greater cuteness, so I bought 2 of them.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and my sister-in-law's birthday was approaching. Perfect timing to jazz up one of the cupcake carriers for her! 
Step #1: Using our silhouette vinyl cutter, I cut out her last name. I made the letters a little more than 1" tall, to fit the side of the carrier.
Step #2: I used clear contact paper to keep the vinyl all together:
Step #3: Using tweezers or the Silhouette hook tool,  remove the vinyl you aren't planning to use...leaving the letters you intend to put on the carrier. Discard the extra vinyl.

Step #4: Place the contact paper, with the name adhered to it, onto the side of the cupcake carrier. Be sure to make sure it's centered and where you want it, before you press it onto the side. Using a credit card or drivers license, outline and press the vinyl down, adhering the letters to the cupcake carrier. Then carefully pull the contact paper away, leaving your green (or whatever color vinyl you choose) letters. Take your time on this last step, as the vinyl *can* pull away from the plastic carrier if you aren't careful.

Step #5: Now, she can tote around her favorite cupcakes, casserole, or cake - and will be sure to get the carrier back afterwards...there's no confusion on who it belongs to!

Easy peasy personalization!!