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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Burlap bunny bag for Easter

You, my friends, have a sneak-peek at the darling Easter bags I made for my sweet nieces!
I love an Easter basket, but I know they can take up lots of storage space for the 364 days of the year that *aren't* Easter Sunday. So, when I found these sweet little burlap bags in the $1 section at Target, I just knew they'd be perfect for my honey-bunny nieces.
Burlap bag from the dollar-section at Target

I purchased a cute bunny graphic from silhouetteonlinestore.com, and cut it out of vinyl:

I added transfer tape (the clear coating, below), to make it easier to transfer the vinyl "stencil" to the burlap:

Remove the backing from your vinyl and use the transfer tape to press the vinyl onto the burlap. Carefully remove the transfer tape (the vinyl doesn't easily stick to burlap) and this is what you're left with:

Next step: paint! First, insert a small piece of cardstock *into* the burlap bag, so your paint won't bleed through to the back.

Next, I mixed a small amount of white and red acrylic paint to create a bright bubblegum pink paint. (I used slightly more white than red to achieve this color) Then use a cheapo sponge brush to dab the paint onto the burlap. Be gentle while dabbing around the inside edges of the bunny...as I mention before, the vinyl doesn't stick well to burlap, so the edges could move. Just be careful!

I peeled off the vinyl stencil right away and this is what was left! Love, love...
Now, wait for it to dry.

Once it's completely dry, remove the cardstock from inside the bag, stuff your Easter goodies inside and deliver to your favorite little Easter honey-bunnies!

Happy Easter everyone!