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Friday, September 14, 2012

Easy art - made of greeting cards!

I don't know about you, but I have a really hard time finding art that I love.

I needed a little something for the space above my sewing table - the walls are a bright blue, so it's been difficult to find art that doesn't dull down the blue. So...the wheels in my head started turning: A couple of years ago, my Mom gave me a set of adorable owl notecards: 

The colors are bright and cheery, and there's a small amount of clear glitter/glimmer on each card...just enough to catch your attention! I've always thought they'd make cute art, if grouped together...and I just happened to have an empty 8.5x11" white frame laying around from my last trip to IKEA. So, "project mini-art" began...

I kept the rectangular white paper that came in the frame - then lined up the cards to fit all 4 of them in the rectangle. (The top and bottom cards are overlapping a bit, and I had to trim the bottom of the 2 lower cards to make them fit).

Then, I used double-sided table to affix them to the paper. 

Finally, I put the paper/arranged cards into the frame and reattached the frame backing. I used 3M picture hanging strips to hang it on the wall, so no holes in the wall to fix down the road. Gotta love that!

Voila - really cute, colorful art! hoot hoot!

While I'm loving the bright colors this brings to the room, I can totally envision it in a baby's room or playroom in the future. Maybe even baby shower gifts for my owl-loving friends :)

Please excuse the mess...
What homemade art have you made? Or, where do you buy your art?

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