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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shhh! Baby Sleeping sign

As new parents, Mr. Biddlebits and I have quickly learned the importance of a happily sleeping baby, and will do just about anything to keep him sleeping, when he FINALLY goes to sleep :) In the first few days that Baby Biddle was home, we had several "Welcome, Benjamin!" gifts arrive at our house, via UPS delivery...and they'd always ring our doorbell to let us know a package was on our front door. Not only does the doorbell make Uno Robusto (kitty cat) growl, it also wakes one happily-sleeping-Benjamin Biddle!

That makes Mommy growl.

So, I decided that a friendly sign was needed to let our delivery folks know what's what. Off to Michaels I went...Benjamin and coupons in tow.

I found this smallish slate sign, with pre-drilled holes and rope to hang it. I think it was $1.99: 

And, these paint pens in fun, gender-neutral colors! I think these were in the $8 range, but with my coupon, turned out to be more like $4-5.

First, I penciled in the wording I wanted to use. This way, I could center/re-arrange my lettering before committing to it in paint-pen:

Then, I chose my colors (red, blue, yellow and green), and traced over my pencil marks with the paint pens. I did 1 coat, but once it dried, it needed a 2nd coat to really make the colors pop. So, I retraced the letters with the same paint pens. Use a pencil eraser to erase any stray pencil marks. 
Option: You can spray this with a coat of clear spray paint. I skipped that step, and it's holding up just fine :)

Here's the final result:

I hung it over our doorknob, and it did the trick! No more doorbells waking up our slumbering baby!