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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Glitter on the inside" ornaments

These are definitely the most beautiful Christmas ornaments I've ever seen! (and that's saying a lot from this gal, who *LOVES* Christmas)
The lights on our Christmas tree reflect the glitter and glass gorgeously, and our tree sparkles from every angle.
These are easy as PIE - from start to finish, it probably took me 30 minutes
(excluding dry-time) ...and 10 of those minutes I fussed over the bows.
Here's what you need:
  • Liquid floor cleaner - I bought the cheapest I could find: $2.50 at Walmart
  • Assorted glitter - any colors you choose
  • glass ball ornaments - purchased at Michaels for just over $2 for 6 ornaments 
  • ribbon (optional - I bought mine at Walmart for 60% off after Xmas last year)
Step #1: Take the silver tops off of each glass ornament, and pour a small amount of floor cleaner into the ornament. Swirl it around, so the liquid cleaner covers every inch of the ornament's insides. Pour the remaining cleaner down the drain (or back into the original bottle).
Step #2: Pour glitter into the ornament and swirl around until evenly coated. It actually took quite a bit of glitter to cover inside! Then pour remaining glitter back out onto a paper towel to use for your next ornament.
Step #3: Set aside and let dry for a few hours.
Step #4: Replace silver caps and top with an optional ribbon bow. (I hot glued the ribbons to the silver ornament tops). With *or* without a bow, these are stunning ornaments! AND, the bonus is that there isn't a glittery mess when you're packing/unpacking your ornaments each year!

In my 2 favorite ornaments, I mixed gold and silver glitter ahead of time, then poured into the ornament and swirled around. It made this amazing platinum color! You can see them in the picture below...the 2 ornaments with the green bows. (The one in the back looks more gold, but you can see the truer platinum color in the front row, below):


What ornaments have you made this year? Care to share how you made them?

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  1. I have some of these that i made in the early 90's only i used watered down white glue that dries clear,elmers,aileen's etc.Pour the glue in,slosh around to cover inside of ball,and drain excess out.While still wet inside,pour in the glitter,shake around and pour excess out,i use paper cups or egg cartons.While they are all pretty,my favorite ones are the ones i did with ultra fine irridescent glitter.Inexpensive to do and oh so pretty.